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You can search for registered content by typing keywords in the browse. By default, the visible list is the most recently registered content. In the search results list, title, DOI, license, contributors, number of uses, number of files, date of publication, license, and description are displayed. You can go to the destination page with DOI. You can create a bibliographic bibliography via the citation link.
Login is required to register data. Entries are titles, contributors, data files, rights entities, classifications, descriptions, procedures, related links, licenses, and publication dates. Click the Submit button, accept the pre-submission notification, and click the OK button to proceed to the screening phase. You can check the status of the submitted content through the "My Content" menu under "User Icons". The content being audited is not changeable. Registration rejected content can be resubmitted after supplementing the metadata with reference to the review opinion. You can delete content in the state of creation by clicking the "Delete" button.
My content menu allows you to register, manage and publish your content to others. After login, access through my content menu of user icon. You can see the list of contents registered by the user, and you can check the state of being created, under review, approved, or declined. You can not modify the review or approval.
You can automatically generate citation formats for journals you want to contribute to the DOI of your registered content. References The translator (http://data.doi.or.kr/citation) is a service that automatically converts the reference bibliographic format of the journal you want to know by knowing the DOI of the reference content. In addition, you can automatically generate reference bibliographic formats for major citation formats such as APA, Havard, IEEE, MLA, Vancouver, and Chicago through http://data.doi.or.kr/cite/{doi} URL .
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You can sign up for Epops by clicking on the login button and clicking on "Sign Up" at the bottom of the login screen.
Click Find ID at the bottom of the sign-in screen. Enter the e-mail you entered when registering and click "Send ID by e-mail" to send the ID by e-mail.
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