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Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions are for the purpose of specifying the terms and conditions of use of the Internet service (hereinafter referred to as "Service") provided by epops homepage ("epops") and other necessary matters.

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

① "User" means a member or non-member who accesses epops and receives services provided by epops in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

② "Member" is a person who has been given an ID (ID) and a password by subscribing to epops to use the service.

③ "Member ID" means the combination of letters and numbers selected by the member for identification and service use.

④ "Password" refers to a combination of letters and numbers that a member has selected to protect his / her confidentiality.

Article 3 (Effect and Change of Terms of Use)

① These Terms shall come into effect when posted to epops or otherwise notified to the Member.

② When revising this agreement, epops will announce the effective date and reason for revision, and will notify the initial screen of epops together with the current terms from 7 days before the effective date to the day before the effective date. However, if you change the terms and conditions of your membership to disadvantage, we will notify you at least 30 days in advance. In this case, epops clearly compares the contents before and after the revision and makes it clear to the user.

Article 4 (Ruling Rules)

① These Terms and Conditions will be applied together with the usage instructions on services provided by epops.

② Any matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.

Chapter 2 Contract of Use Agreement

Article 5 (Establishment of Use Contract)

① The use contract is established when the user chooses "I agree" with the terms set by epops, submits the online application form set by epops, and requests epops to use the service.

② The consent of Paragraph 1 includes the acceptance of services such as content registration and browsing provided by epops.

Article 6 (Membership)

Customers who wish to use the service must register their personal information on the registration form established by epops.

Article 7 (Protection and Use of Personal Information)

epops strives to protect the personal information of members including member registration information as stipulated by related laws and regulations. For the protection and use of member's personal information, related laws and privacy policy of epops apply.

Article 8 (Approval and Limitation of Application for Use)

① Epops agrees to use the service for the customer who applies for use under Article 6.

② Epops does not approve the following cases.

   - If the content of the contract of use is false

   - If you apply in violation of other regulations

Article 9 (Assignment and change of membership ID, etc.)

① epops grants the user ID that he selected to the user according to the terms and conditions.

② Membership ID can not be changed in principle. If you want to change due to unavoidable reasons, you must cancel the ID and re-enter.

③ Other matters related to the management and change of personal information of members shall be determined by the guide for each service.

Chapter 3 Obligations of Contracting Party

Article 10 (Obligations of KISTI)

① The epops should make the service available to the user as long as the customer does not have any special circumstances on the date of service start.

② epops establishes a security system to protect personal information and discloses and observes privacy policy.

③ If the opinions or complaints from members are objectively recognized as legitimate, epops should be dealt with promptly after appropriate procedures. However, if it is difficult to process it promptly, the member should be notified of the reason and schedule of processing.

Article 11 (Membership Obligations)

① The user must make all the information based on facts with his / her real name when applying for membership or changing the membership information, and can not claim any rights when registering false or other information.

② Members shall be responsible for any consequences arising from the misuse of passwords or the misuse of the IDs assigned to members, except when epops is responsible for such matters in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

③ Members shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of epops and third parties.

Chapter 4 Use of Services

Article 12 (Service Hours)

① The service is operated 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a special obstacle in epops' business or technology. However, epops can temporarily suspend the service on the day or time set by epops for periodic system check, expansion and replacement, and suspend service due to scheduled work will be announced in epops homepage beforehand.

② epops can divide the service into a specific range and specify the available time for each range separately. However, in this case, the contents will be announced.

Article 13 (Website Copyright)

① The copyright for all contents of this homepage posted by epops is in epops. However, if there is a separate original author of the post, the origin is specified, and the original author owns the copyright of the post.

② The copyright of the work that the member directly publishes is the member. However, it is assumed that the member grants the right to use epops free of charge.

③ The contents of epops are prohibited to use on other homepage without permission of third party.

④ Without the prior consent of the publisher, the user can not use the work on the service for commercial purposes, such as processing or selling the information obtained by using the service.

Chapter 5 Termination and Use Restrictions

Article 14 (Termination of Contract)

If a member wishes to terminate the contract, he / she must terminate it directly by using the [CANCEL MEMBERSHIP] menu.

Article 15 (Restrictions on Use of Services)

① epops may limit the use of the service if the member violates the contents of Article 11 of the Terms of Use in the contents of use of the service or falls under any of the following items.

   - If you have never used the service for more than 2 years

   - If it interferes with other normal service operations

② In accordance with the above restrictions on use, you may suspend the use of the service and terminate the use contract for the member who uses the service without any notice.

Article 16 (Prohibition of collection of e-mail address)

Members may not use e-mail address extractors to collect e-mail addresses or provide them to third parties.

Chapter 6 Compensation for damages and other matters

Article 17 (Indemnity)

epops shall not be liable for any damages incurred by members in connection with the services provided free of charge, except for damage caused by intent or negligence of epops.

Article 18 (Competent Court)

If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising from the use of the service, it shall be submitted to the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.

[Supplementary rule]

1. (Effective Date) This Agreement will be effective from November 1, 2017.